We Provide Professional Care with a Gentle Touch

Children and young adults from across Virginia who have severe intellectual and physical disabilities live, play and go to school at St. Mary’s Home, a national leader in pediatric long-term care. We also can help children who need short-stay care, perhaps because of a family emergency or surgery requiring intensive post-operative physical therapy. Children come to St. Mary’s as a result of birth disorders, traumatic accidents, illness or child abuse.

Most of our children depend on wheelchairs for mobility and rely on methods other than speech to communicate their wants and needs. Many use feeding tubes to provide some or all of their nourishment. A few have tracheotomies, and almost all require regularly administered medication.

Our staff provide clinical, educational, recreational and support services with a gentle, dignified touch to create a therapeutic and homelike environment for the children. Please read on to learn more about what St. Mary’s can do for your child or young adult.