We provide quality, specialized care within a homelike environment for people with severe disabilities, so each person can achieve his or her fullest potential.

Kids Soar to New Heights


Outfitted in a flight suit, helmet and goggles, John gets out of his wheelchair, enters a glass column and prepares for liftoff.

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Passion for Painting


Jorge looks at the red ribbon in front of him and at the children and young adults, staff and friends gathered in a hallway with colorful paintings of flowers, animals and even Michael Jackson.

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Peer Pals Learn Through Play


Mackenzie tentatively reaches out to touch the bright yellow and red flower of a red hot poker plant. Iker eagerly sets foot down one path after another.

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Stimulating the Senses


Amonte wanders around large multi-colored tubes filled with bubbles until, tuckered out, he clambers over some mats and nestles in the lap of Jennifer Farmer, a member of our recreational therapy department.

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Kids Breathe Easier


In the last few years, we’ve enhanced our services by bringing in some new professionals, including a respiratory therapist, Terri Flannery, CRT. That’s Terri with her buddy, Nate.

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