Support Coordination

Every child and young adult at St. Mary’s Home has a support coordinator who develops rapport and fosters collaboration among the individuals, their families and the various direct and support services using a person-centered approach.

The support coordinator is critical to ensuring that all supports promote as much independence and self-determination for each individual as possible, through the coordination and monitoring of active treatment. This is accomplished through an Individual Support Plan (ISP) developed by the interdisciplinary team (their network of support) soon after admission and updated periodically.

The ISP includes each individual’s needs for:

  • nursing care
  • therapy services
  • recreational opportunities
  • community activities
  • educational services
  • behavioral support
  • communication

The ISP determines how to deliver those supports consistently.

The goals of these services are that the children and young adults will:

  • grow in independence
  • develop more meaningful relationship
  • make choices that are important to them
  • interact and communicate with others in more meaningful ways
  • participate in activities that interest them both at St. Mary’s and out in the community

The support coordinator helps each individual and the person’s team to identify needs and wishes, develop goals and objectives formalized in the ISP, review and analyze progress, coordinate supports and services and to address any obstacles that may arise. You can always contact your support coordinator if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about any aspects of your child or young adult’s supports.

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