Infant and Toddler Program

We offer intensive, focused services for children up to age two years who are at risk of developmental delay. The Infant and Toddler Team develops detailed plans and activities to meet the specific needs of each child in the program. Therapists use a hands-on, multisensory approach, striving to expose infants and toddlers with severe disabilities to an engaging and stimulating environment. They give one-on-one attention to the children and help them work on goals, such as improving motor, communication and social skills, through play and activities. They also work with families and guardians to help your child meet developmental milestones.

We also emphasize community integration, so children with disabilities can play and socialize with other children their age who do not have disabilities. For example, staff take children on field trips to Gymboree Play & Music programs, Build-a-Bear Workshops, the WOW Children’s Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden and Pre-K Art Days at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia.

St. Mary’s also provides an enrichment program for slightly older children to help them maintain and build upon skills.

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