Speech Therapy

Most of the children and young adults who live at St. Mary’s Home and The Albero House have speech and language deficits. Speech therapy can broaden their world by giving them a voice – a means for them to express themselves so they can make some of their own choices and have more control over their world.

Our speech language pathologist works with the children and young adults to help them develop alternative and/or additional means of communication, such as use of sign language, pictures, eye gaze and facial expressions. She also works with some to teach them to make sounds. The aim is to help the children and young adults communicate with others and to understand what other people are communicating to them.

The speech pathologist works with other members of a child’s team to develop a communication system that will be used by the child to communicate most effectively throughout everyday life. 

Physicians, team members and family members can refer the children and young adults for speech therapy at St. Mary’s. The children at St. Mary’s who go to school also may receive speech therapy through their school system.

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