The Board of Directors would like to recognize and thank these individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations and municipalities for their generous support as of Dec. 31, 2015. All donations are crucial to helping individuals with severe disabilities lead “a good life.” If we omitted or misspelled your name, let us know, and please accept our apologies.

Friend $100,000 – $299,999

United Way of South Hampton Roads

Benefactor $50,000 – $99,999

Mrs. Lucy J. Oldfield

Mrs. Martha P. Taylor

Mr. Monroe Nash

Patron $25,000 – $49,999

Auxiliary Board of St. Mary’s Home

L. S. Febre Irrevocable Trust

Estate of Marguerite D. Flatley

Mara and Steve Fredrickson

We Promise Foundation

Partner $10,000 – $24,999

Beach Ambassadors

Mrs. Elizabeth Budde

The Clark-Janis Foundation

Checkered Flag

City of Norfolk

The Fain Family

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Giermak

Jo-Kell, Inc.

Mrs. Jane R. Miller

PRA Group

Priority Charity Bowl

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Takacs

Mr. Ronald Zoby and Mrs. Jarrett Zoby

Associate $5,000 – $9,999

Advanced Integrated Technologies LLC

Camp Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation

Dominion Employee Giving Program

Douglas & Marianne Dickerson Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Knapp

Millers Foundation (formerly Miller Oil Foundation)

PACE Collaborative, P.C.

Ms. Leslie A. Paul and Mr. William F. Seib

Sertoma Club of Norfolk

Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc.

Maria Grace Tyburczy Trust

VuBay Foundation

Warden Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Supporter $1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous (4)

ABNB Federal Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Albero

America Fuels & Petrochemical Manufacturers

American Mechanical, Inc.

Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Baur

Chris and Terri Beale

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beitz

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bell

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mr. Steven Bowyer

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation

The CarMax Foundation

Carrington Family Foundation

CDR and Mrs. Dan Chang

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cohea

Compo Construction Company

Mr. and Mrs. George Consolvo

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Corcoran

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Corbin

Dr. David B. Crouse, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Crumley

Jeanie & Billy Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. John DeVan

R & C Dickerson Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Dr. Jim Dixon and Dr. Marybeth Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dolan

Ms. Katherine J. Dutlinger

Ms. Marie M. Egert

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Larry, Betty and Jayson Friedrichsen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Godfrey, Jr.

S. Bernard and Sharon Goodwyn

Dr. Adelia Gregoire

Griffin Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Ms. Elise Hicks

iFLY Va Beach

Ironclad Technology Services, LLC

Jalbert and Associates Inc.

JEB Little Creek – Fort StoryChapel

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Kellam, Jr.

Lori and Kevin Keller

Ms. Hollie Kernan

Kerneos, Inc.

Mr. James T. Kennedy

James R. Knight and Mary J. Gibson


Michael Baker Corporation Foundation – Virginia Beach Employees

Mr. Don Michals

Ms. Marjorie C. Miller

NATO Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Nuss

Ocean View Women’s Golf Association

Ms. Anita Peele

Mr. Robert A. Perry

Peter Decker Children’s Charity Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pilato

Janet and Steve Pitler

QVC, Inc.

Ms. Mary-Jo Rawson

Mr. Michael W. Reagan

Mrs. June Reiter

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Norfolk

Rotary Club of Hampton Roads

Rotary Club of Portsmouth

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin J. Schexnider

Mr. Kenneth R. Scott

Sentara Healthcare

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Shank

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Smith

Ms. Susan K. Sobota

Sons & Daughters of Lebanon

South Side Iron Order MC

Southeast Virginia Community Foundation – Give Local 757

Martha and John Stewart

Technical Systems Integration, Inc.

Capt. Richard M. Vizzier, USN, Ret.

Ms. Bonnie Ward

Dr. Judith V. Williams

Mr. Randy Womack

$500 – $999 ($500+)

Anonymous (4)

Dr. Barbara Amaker

Ms. Lesa D. Archie-Barnes

Mr. James Ball

David L. & Helen M. Bernd

Mr. Edward Binkowski

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School

Bodacious Bazaar Proceeds

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buonfigli

Mr. Richard L. Burnette

Capital Concrete, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Carr

Ms. Linda D. Charlton

Mr. Curtis Consolvo

Mrs. Margaret M. Cordovana

Mrs. Marian Cotton

Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Crumley

Mrs. Joan Damsey

Mrs. Bess Decker

Mrs. Gayle N. Donovan

Shannon and Kevin Edsall

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Erwin, Jr.

Mr. Robert N. Fields

Mr. Leslie H. Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. James Graybeal

Patrick and Pamela Hall

Ms. Amberley G. Hammer Esq.

Ms. Stacy T. Holleran

Image Business Interiors

International Interior Design Association – VA/WV Chapter

In honor of Sara Jacob’s birthday

Ms. Elizabeth C. Jennings

Johnson Family Foundation

Thomas O. and Elizabeth S. Johnson

Jones, Madden & Council, PLC

Mr. Peter Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

Richard and Charlotte King

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laibstain

Mrs. Thomas E. Lassen

Dr. Katrina Lesher

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Mastracco, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Mathos

LCDR John P. Maynard

Janet and Mike McCarty

Mr. Michael J. McPhillips

Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. McPhillips

Memory Lane, Inc. in memory of Andrew Albero

Ms. Patricia Mims

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nebe in memory of Andrew

Dr. Pouran N. Nowroozi and Dr. Ali Nowroozi

The Oceanfront Inn

Mr. Edward S. Peabody, Jr.

Mr. Robert Perry

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Planinsheck

Ms. Nan J. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quealy

Barbara and Kenneth Ravenna

Mr. and Mrs. Cline Reasor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Regna

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reinhart

Rotary Club of Cape Henry

Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C.

Speechtrans Inc. in memory of Andrew Albero

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Taylor

United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area

United Way of Lancaster County

United Way of the National Capital Area

United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Mr. Jerry D. Vance

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vigenski

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Vitale

Dr. Jean Shelton

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

The Honorable and Mrs. Bruce A. Wilcox

Women of the Moose, Aragona

$100 – $499 ($100+)

Anonymous (8)

360IT Partners

3SS & D Inc.

Mr. Albert M. Adams

Mr. Eugene V. Adams

Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation

Ms. Rachel E. Allen

Dr. Jason Alper and Mrs. Jennifer L. Rush

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Anglin

The Honorable Michelle J. Atkins

Ms. Carmen Aycud

Mrs. Veronica Ballentine

Mr. Keith H. Bangel

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Barlow

Mr. Edward S. Barnes

Ms. Myra Y. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Barrett

Ms. Farideh Bayat

Bishop Melvin L. Bellamy

Benefit Specialists, Ltd.

Steve and Karen Bennis

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Billings

Dr. Sandra S. Billy

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell B. Birdsong

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Blount

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Bond

Andrew and Annie Bosse

Tom and Kathy Bosse

Maj. and Mrs. Arthur Bousquet USMC (Ret.)

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Bowers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowman

Raymond and Kathryn Brandi

Ms. Gwendolyn W. Brehon

Dr. Robert C. Brewer

Ms. Sue Brewer

Kathy Brobst

James A. Buko

Mr. Hank Burian

Richard L. Burnette

Frank H. Callaham

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Callahan

Michael J. Cantwell

Cape Henry Woman’s Club, Inc.

Ben A. Carlo

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Carlock, Jr.

Mr. Ryan Carroll

Ms. Jacqueline M. Carson

Kathy and Robert Carter

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Centura College

Linda D. Charlton

CHKD Medical Staff Services

LCDR and Mrs. Joseph A. Chop USCG

Church of the Ascension

Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Clowdsley

Ms. Tamara K. Cobb

Mr. Robert W. Coffey

Rich and Jill Colonna

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Connaughton

Consolvo/Peaches Gregory Tent

Mr. and Mrs. John Conte

Mr. and Mrs. James Cooney

Andrew and Margrit Corcoran

Mrs. Reginald H. Corliss

Mrs. Katherine Cotten-Meunier and Mr. Roy Meunier

Larry E. Cravens

Ms. Mary L. Crell

Mr. Axel L. Crimmins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cromwell

Allyson Marie Crump

The Culkin Family

LCDR Donald Cullen

Mr. John Detriquet

Mr. and Mrs. James Dodge

Dominion Generation

Mr. William Domke

Ms. Mary A. Dooley

Mrs. Thelma Drake

Ms. Margaret A. Dutton

Bobby and Patti Dwyer

Brian G. Eddy

Dr. Robert Edmonds, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Salam Eid

Capt. Frederic F. Elkin, USN (Ret.)

Suzanne and David Fairbank

Kathleen M. Farrell

The Fellowes Family

Mark S. Fendrick

Dr. Tim and Cathy Ferramosca

Thiery W. Fevrier

Mr. and Mrs. Lowery D. Finley III

Mrs. Barbara H. Fleming

Mr. Bobby Floyd, Jr.

Charles and Susan Futch

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gehm

Mrs. Cecilia C. Gerloff

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Giermak

Gilbert, Albiston & Keller, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gill

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gill

Ms. Jo Ann Given

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gordon

Earle and Becky Gower

Dr. Judith Green

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Greenhalgh

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gregory

Mark A. Gregory

Mr. William A. Gresham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Griffey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Grissom

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Grove

Mr. and Mrs. George Gurnee

Dr. and Mrs. Shakur Hamidi-Toosi

Hammer Law, PC

Martin T. Hardison

Mr. Jonathan Hartz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hatch

Anders & Leslie Hellstrom

Patrick and Mary Helen Hilton

Mr. Thomas J. Hirsch

CAPT and Mrs. George Hodermarksy

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Holcomb

Stacy T. Holleran

Hourigan Construction Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. John C. House

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hubbard

Mr. Jeff Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hunt, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Hunter

Sara Jacob

Mrs. Nancy S. Jacobson

Ms. Lynn James

Ms. Salina James

Eleanor Jaquet

Mr. Edmond Jared, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Jessen

Jocelyn Jimeno

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kaiser

Mr. Edward Kavanaugh, Jr.

Mrs. Debra M. Keeling

Julia E. Keller

Mr. George M. Kelley III

Mr. David Kelly

Mr. Michael Khandelwal

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory Kilduff

Ms. Joyce Kirkwood

Kiwanis Club of Virginia Beach

Mr. Edward L. Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Koch

Mr. and Mrs. James Kramer

Lafayette Presbyterian Church

Mr. and Mrs. William Laffey

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Leach

Mr. William E. Lehr

Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Levin

Mr. Stanley Lichtman and Mrs. Paulette Lichtman-Panzer

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Litz

Living Water Foundation Ministries, Inc.

Ms. Constance P. Loschi

Mr. Saul H. Lowe

Terri MacIntyre

Skip and Linda Margiotta

Zachary D. Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell A. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Massey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maynard

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCardell, Jr.

Michael and Janet McCarty

Carolyn E. McDonnell

Donald B. McLaughlin

Mrs. Mary Lou McPhaul

Ms. Joyce Merola

Charles L. Miles

Mr. and Mrs. Julius S. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Miller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mitchell

Ms. Diane M. Mocion and Dr. Jonathan Rubin

Mr. Vincent J. Mollura

Mr. Alex Moorman

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mozingo

Lee and Mary Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest A. Murphy

John Brian Kuebler

Ms. Linda J. Neilson

Ms. Lynda Nguyen

Mr. James J. Nichols

LCDR and Mrs. Joseph P. Noha, Jr.

Norfolk Admirals

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nunnally

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Nurney, Jr.

NWSA-Hampton Roads Chapter

Stacy W. Oakey

Ms. Marilyn ODonnell

Mr. Michael Old

The Honorable and Mrs. Norman Olitsky

Mr. Thomas F. O’Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Padgett

Mr. and Mrs. Claude S. Pallett

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Parker

Charles E. Parker

Mr. Stanley G. Parnell

Juan and Marina Paulino

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Pavlik

Amanda Rose Perez

Ms. Tara Perrone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perry

Mr. Michael Perry

Mr. Dennis W. Plank

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pollock

Kelsey Preble

Ms. Rebecca J. Price

Ms. Renee Puzio and Mr. Arnold Rausch

Edwin Jay Rafal

Mr. Michael L. Rapp

Mr. Arthur Ratte and Ms. Janis Ratte

Barbara Ray-Jackson

Ms. Linda Reddington

Ms. Jean L. Resch

Vincent D. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rhodes

Dr. and Mrs. Marcus C. Rice

Richard Stravitz Sculpture LLC

Doug and Karen Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Timm E. Richtberg

Shanah-Nequai Rieara

Mrs. Janet Rinehart-Kim

Mr. F. Scott Ripley and Ms. Michele Workman

Mr. Alaric J. Roche

Sara E. Rock

Ms. Anne Rogers

Mr. Francis E. Rohde

Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Roth

Ms. Nina F. Rountree

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rudolph

Mr. Richard Rutyna

Ms. Kathy Sands

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Sanford

Mr. Glenn Schofield

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schwenk


Jared E. Seeloff

Mr. and Mrs. John Shannon

Ms. Jodie A. Shields

Mr. Thomas G. Sitzler

Mr. John Slifer

Capt. and Mrs. James A. Smith

Ms. Karen Smith

Southside Christian Church

Barbara Spinello

Margery K. Standing

Mr. Eric Stauffer

Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Steinmetz

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stevens

Mr. Mark Stewart

Mrs. Kay Stine

Dr. Voranuch Suvanich

John and Ann Swetits

Capt. and Mrs. Francis M. Swientek, USN (Ret.)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Taylor

Mr. Charles B. Taylor

Ms. Barbara J. Taylor

Team Hoyt VB

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tedesco

Amanda Tetlak

Ms. Judy Thaler

Mrs. Margery K. Standing

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Thomas IV

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke P. Thrasher

Janice Toben

Michael G. Turner

William and Kathleen Uberti

United Way of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

United Way of the Virginia Peninsula

United Way Suncoast

Uno Chicago Grill

Dr. Joseph E. Vaccarella

Mr. Jerry D. Vance

Keith VanderVennet

Virginia Association Medical Staff Services, VAMSS

Virginia Beach Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Mr. George E. Votava III

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waitzer

Mrs. Dorothea B. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Weaver

Ms. Lesa B. Weaver

LCDR Raymond Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Whisman, Jr.

Elissa and Trey White

Gary and Karen Wickstrand

Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Widman, Jr.

Mr. Ben R. Wiley

Thomas Willey

Mr. Timothy Wilmer

Ms. Darlene Wilson

Keith L. Wilson

Glendall A. Wilson

Darlene Wilson

Mr. W. Lewis Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott, Jr.

Mrs. Marilyn Y. Wood

Mr. Charles T. Woodington

David M. Woolard

Kelly N. Wright

Ms. Pat Yeiser

Mr. Walt Yourstone

Brantley Zachary

Memory Tributes

In memory of Charles Aizer
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

In memory of Andrew Albero
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Albero
Memory Lane, Inc.
Speechtrans Inc.

In memory of Cameron Auman
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

In memory of Pastor Lynette Bellamy
Bishop Melvin L. Bellamy

In memory of Alice Bennett
Mr. Steven Z. Bowyer

In memory of Sarah Benson
Ms. Frances M. Benson

In memory of Sara Bernazani
Ms. Terry Lyle

In memory of Andrew Blair
Ed and Tricia Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nebe

In memory of Sandra Bowen
Ms. Ann H. Kent

In memory of Emma Bowman
Ms. Linda J. Crosby

In memory of Roslyn G. Brown
Beverly and Bernie Hodges

In memory of Frank Callaham
Ms. Jane Byrd

In memory of Dorothy Reagan Camantigue
Michael W. Reagan

In memory of Agnes Chatter
Mrs. Farouk D. Kassir

In memory of Richard Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James Kramer

In memory of Mr. Thomas Clifford, Sr.
Dr. George Rector

In memory of Felix and Doris Coggin
Ms. Angelia Coggin

In memory of Carole Crouse
Dr. David Crouse

In memory of Edward L. Curtin, Jr.
Diane and Gary King
Richard and Charlotte King
Ms. Rose Marie Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Widman, Jr.

In memory of JoAnn D’Alessio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blair

In memory of Annie Delancy
Ms. Cheryl Davidson

In memory of Dottie Denner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Callo

In memory of Elizabeth “Billie” Failla
Ms. Christine Wable

In memory of Dorothy Fairfield and Anne Price
Mrs. Mary Lou McPhaul

In memory of Faye England
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Vanderslice III

In memory of Michael Facchini
Mrs. Mildred Brown
Nova Corillo
Ms. Frances Facchini
Mrs. Teresa Gibbons
Ms. Janet Kidd
Ms. Donna Maleski
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Meekins

Ms. Barbara Major

Mr. John Ryan

In memory of Mr. Robert J. Fleming

In memory of Sis Fox
Dr. George Rector

In memory of Peter Foxwell
Nabil, Deborah Kassir and the Aldo’s Staff

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. John H. Furr
Dr. Adelia Gregoire

In memory of Chester F. Geirmak
Mrs. Joan Damsey
Mary Helen and Patrick Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. M. Powell Peters, Esq.
Ms. Diane Zinn

In memory of Woody Gildner
Dr. Stephanie Sugioka

In memory of Ann Gill
Mrs. Katherine Cotten-Meunier and Mr. Roy Meunier

In memory of Jan Goodmundson
Mrs. James E. Etheridge
Janet and Mike McCarty
Mrs. Connie Sullivan

In memory of William Moultrie Guerry
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCardell, Jr.

In memory of Carleigh Harbin
Mr. Bradley Harbin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harbin
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Lipsey

In memory of Rex Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jones

In memory of William Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

In memory of Sean Patrick Hawes and In Honor of his Grammy and Pap, Sue and Tom Greise
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hawes

In memory of Marge Henkel
Ms. Susan K. Sobota

In memory of Dr. Patrick J. Hennelly, Jr.
Mrs. Patrick J. Hennelly, Jr.

In memory of John C. Hickerson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Broach
Ms. Maria Lovisi
Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Outland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Tatterson
Mr. William T. Waff

In memory of Joshua W. Hill
Ms. Kathy Monteith
Ms. Barbara Spinello

In memory of Mary Holland
Mrs. Ruby Center

In memory of Virginia Mae Humphries
Rusty, Stacie, Davis and Rylee Bailey
The PAPCO family

In memory of Dr. Edward Millan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cohea
Ms. Marie M. Egert

In memory of Eleanor Jaquet
Ms. Janice J. Miller

In memory of Hazel L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Anton
Mr. Joseph A. Barlow
Suzanne Eason
Cecil and Linda Gwaltney
Susan and Tim Kok
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lovett
Marty and Nancy Lynn Delk
Ms. Catherine H. Warren, CPA

In memory of Victoria Knapp
Susan and Renea Hicks
John and Alicia Hohl
Bonnie Mani, PhD
Mr. Justin Mundt

In memory of Gerald Kresinski
Ms. Mary E. Moberg

In memory of James D. Lamb, Jr.
Mrs. Sondria T. Lamb

In memory of Carolina Leach
Ms. Colette Cox

In memory of Michelle Litton
Nicole and Mary Beth Litton

In memory of Christina Lovisi on her birthday
Sylvia and Debra Linden

In memory of Mrs. Mary Masters
Ms. Michelle Masters and Ms. Ramona Masters

In memory of Lois S. McDaniel, Norfolk Public School teacher
Ms. Ann Raiford

In memory of J. Vincent and Ann McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McPhillips
Michael J. McPhillips
Jane M. Stirm

In memory of Katharine Mihok
Ms. Lynette Mason

In memory of Sister Mary June Morin
Sister Grace Malonzo, DW
Ms. Juanita T. Vargas

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Mote
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Culpepper

In memory of Mary Ellen Nimershiem
Mr. Dan F. Nimershiem

In memory of Jenna Noha
LCDR and Mrs. Joseph P. Noha, Jr.

In memory of Mrs. Justine Nusbaum
Mr. Robert C. Nusbaum and Ms. Linda S. Laibstain

In memory of Alfred Martin Palacios
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

In memory of Robert L. Parrish
Mrs. Ruby Center
Dr. George Rector

In memory of Matthew Todd Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peterson

In memory of Dr. Thomas W. Peterson
5th Grade Teachers at Great Bridge Intermediate School
Dr. Thomas W. Armstrong, Jr. D.D.S.
Mr. Frank Beale
Laurie Fox & Dean Bowles
Jane, Ellen & Sasha Bowles
Ms. Louise P. Buxton
E.Kendall & Lee Eakes
Mr. Melvin R. Green
Mrs. Edward J. Haycox III
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Klima
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lindsay, Jr.
Mrs. Page C. McGaughy and Dr. Odilon P. Delcambre
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Julius S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nolan
Ms. Dorothy C. Payne
Mrs. Dorothy Ripley
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rubin
Solomon & Forbes DDS PC
Harvey and Betty Sue Spencer
Mrs. Barbara Spigel
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Sugg
Ms. Jo V. Thompson
Dr. G. William Whitehurst
Mrs. Patricia Wilson

In memory of John Petry
Mr. and Mrs. James Kramer

In memory of George Matthew Pitsilides

In memory of William Pope
Warwick Chapter No. 1386

In memory of James Quinn
Mrs. Rosalee D. Quinn

In memory of Nathan Richardson
Miles and Harlene Anderson

In memory of Chana Rider
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Christie

In memory of Matthew Risaliti
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Risaliti

In memory of Louise Robinson
Mrs. Charlotte Paulsen

In memory of Dr. Henry Rogers and Gordon Tayloe
Dr. and Mrs. Enrique A. Saenz

In memory of Frank Ryan
Nabil, Deborah Kassir and the Aldo’s Staff

In memory of Angel Santiago
Auxiliary Board of St. Mary’s Home
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory Kilduff

In memory of Sharron Saunders
Donna Spence and Friends
Christy Wendell

In memory of Dennis Shimota
Steve and Janet Pitler

In memory of Eva Siegl
Mr. and Mrs. William Siegl

In memory of Cayden Gracie Smith
Sertoma Club of Norfolk

In memory of Jane Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beitz

In memory of J. Albert Tatem, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Consolvo

In memory of J. Hume Taylor, Jr.
Mr. Robert P. Albergotti, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Bernert, Jr.
Ms. Joann Blair-Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Crenshaw
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Fiveash, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce I. Longman
Ms. Lenora D. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. David Pender III

In memory of Jane Thomas
Mr. John S. Thomas

In memory of Dorothula Tibbs Vance and her daughter, Patty
Mr. Jerry D. Vance

In memory of Irene B. Tocce
Ms. Joanne Tocce

In memory of Saad Tohme
Nabil and Deborah Kassir

In memory of Andrew Towers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rentner

In memory of Patricia Twohy Rector
Ms. Penny Colton
Ms. Sylvia A. Price
Dr. George Rector
Mr. and Mrs. James Rector

In memory of Jeanne Marie Tysinger
Mrs. Jeanne Tysinger

In memory of Mary Anne White
Ms. Susan Cossey
Educators at Brookhaven Elementary School, Rockville, MD
Debbie Routh and Bob Hadley
Ms. Mary E. Weissinger
John Whelan Family

In memory of Christopher Widman
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad A. Widman
Cdr. and Mrs. M. W. Widman, Sr.

In memory of Michael S. Xystros
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil D. Kassir

Honor Tributes

In Honor of Katie A.
Sarah Albright

In Honor of The Albero House nurses
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ward

In Honor of Sonja Barisic
Martha and John Stewart

In Honor of Sonja Barisic and Roxane Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hartman

In Honor of Bart the therapy dog
Mrs. Julie Morgan

In Honor of the Beautiful Children of St. Mary’s Home
Ms. Kathy Brobst

In Honor of JoAnne Beers
Mr. Lee Stephenson and
Mrs. Susan Hester

In Honor of Corey Bly
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bly

In Honor of Carrington and her mom, Cecelia
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Mintz

In Honor of Haley C.
Ms. Bonnie Ward
Carrington Family Foundation

In Honor of George and Linda Consolvo
Ms. Ada-Clarke N. Davis

In Honor of Clare Davison’s birthday
Rick and Clare Davison in memory of her mother, Catherine Theresa Gannon

In Honor of Jeannie Debraggio
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gorman Pinkston

In Honor of Development
Ms. Diane Zinn

In Honor of Joseph Dewey
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Causey

In Honor of Alana Dieringer
Mrs. Marian Cotton

In Honor of Mike Duffy
Camp Foundation
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation

In Honor of Mark and Barbara Eichler
Mr. Charles F. Taylor IV

In Honor of Edward S. Garcia, Sr.
Wilks, Alper, Harwood & McIntyre, P.C.

In Honor of Bill Giermak
Peter and Kerry Mellette

In Honor of Betty and Bill Giermak
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rawls

In Honor of Elizabeth Gilmore

In Honor of The Hantzes Family
Mrs. June Reiter

In Honor of Mary Helen Hilton
Martha and John Stewart
George and Sara House

In Honor of Mary E. Jowett
Mr. Byron L. Jowett

In Honor of Jackson Keller on his birthday
Nicolas Cruz

In Honor of Kiera
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beitz

In Honor of Emily and Shane King for their wedding
Mr. Mark Timmreck

In Honor of the Knapp’s Children and Grandchildren
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Knapp

In Honor of Pat and Jim Kramer
Dan and Kathy Law

In Honor of Winston and Barbara Lawson
Mrs. Andrea Lawson and Mr. Donald Snodgrass

In Honor of Liam L.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gregory

In Honor of Mr. Arthur Lovisi, Jr.
Debra and Sylvia Linden

In Honor of Abraham Mandel
Steve and Janet Pitler

In Honor of Terence and Julia McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Terence McPhillips, Jr.

In Honor of Robert Missert
Mrs. Dorothy Felthousen

In Honor of Mr. Scott Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. George Consolvo

In Honor of Dan Nimershiem
Ms. Nelda Stine

In Honor of Sarah Palmatier for her 90th birthday
Kay Slover Eckhardt

In Honor of Sophia and Logan Pickett
Mrs. Rosemarie Manson

In Honor of Jeanne Pinkston on her birthday
Mrs. Jeanne DeBraggio

In Honor of Lisa D. Stephens-Garriott
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Garriott

In Honor of Martha Stewart and Mary Helen Hilton
Ms. Diane Zinn

In Honor of Charles (Chip) F. Taylor IV
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Taylor

In Honor of Harry and Anne Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith

In Honor of Miss Phala Vaccarella
Dr. Joseph E. Vaccarella

In Honor of Colton Ward
Rev. and Mrs. Harry W. Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Custis
Mrs. Gloria J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Patykula

In Honor of Dr. Alen H. White III
The Oceanfront Inn

In Honor of Ms. Doris White
Mr. and Mrs. George Consolvo

In Honor of Anna Willis’ birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Chupik
Mrs. Tracie Pruden

In Honor of Emily Zeberlein
Julie and Sandy Clifford

In Honor of Diane Zinn
Ms. Jody M. Zinn

Certified United Way Agency


St. Mary’s Home is a certified United Way agency and receives support from individuals who designate St. Mary’s on their pledge forms.

We are pleased to recognize and thank our top United Way donors.

Donors through United Way of South Hampton Roads Alexis de Tocqueville Society


Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison

Mr. Stanley F. Baldwin

Dr. Edward R. George and Ms. Karen Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hurlbut

Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Jones

Mrs. Mary Sue Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McClellan

Chuck and Theresa McPhillips

Mr. Paul Michels

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Napolitano, Sr.

Mr. Richard E. Olivieri

Mr. Neal Stern and Dr. Lisa Stern

Donors who pledged $1,000 and above

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Collins

Ms. Penelope C. Dishaw

Dr. and Mrs. Randy Garnett

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Keogh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. King, Jr.

Ms. Valerie S. Lenihan

Peter and Kathleen Masciangelo

Mr. George W. McCormic, Sr.

Mrs. Angela J. Russell

Ms. Karen L. Weddle

Mr. Charles H. Wolfe

Mr. Walt Yourstone

Embrace Cabinet

St. Mary’s Home is pleased to work with these volunteers who guide us in fundraising, marketing and other areas of interest.

Richard N. Knapp
Embrace Cabinet Chair
St. Mary’s Home Board of Directors

Cabinet Members

Michele Anderson United Way of South Hampton Roads

Andy Beale Beach Ambassadors

Janette Crumley Cordell & Crumley

Michael E. Duffy Merrill Lynch

Karen L. Hibbard St. Mary’s Home Auxiliary

Lily Hsu The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Inc.

Jeff Hubbard Beach Ambassadors

Elise Hicks Northern Virginia Liaison

Mark T. Jones QED Systems, Inc.

Suzy Kelly Jo-Kell, Inc.

Hanan Mitry The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Inc.

Mollie Pavlik St. Mary’s Home Auxiliary Board

John Porter Entrepreneur

Lindsay Pryor Mary Kay, Inc. & The Millers Foundation

Kay Stine Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Kim Thumel

Dr. Allen “Trey” Hardin White, III Oceanfront Dentistry

Andy Widman Cubic Global Defense & TaccFour Defense

Fred Widman

Nancy Wilcox NYR Organic President, St. Mary’s Board of Directors

The Guardian Society

The Guardian Society recognizes donors who have included St. Mary’s Home in their wills, trusts or other estate plans to help us provide excellent care and meaningful programs for future generations of children and young adults.



Anonymous in Honor of Cornelius A. & Veronica Z. Ballentine and Paul & Nancy F. Zydron Jr.

Carl M. and Carole Anne Albero

Frances McPhillips Benson, in memory of Sarah Benson

Ed and Tricia Blair

Linda Consolvo

Mike and Sandy Duffy

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Etheridge, Jr.

Steve and Mara Fredrickson

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Giermak

Thomas and Catherine Giordano

Thomas and Suellen Greise

Bob Guess & Patti Petty

Stephanie S. F. Hemingway

Mr. Steven M. Hornstein

Ms. Patricia E. House

The Earl and Soozi McLain Family Charitable Gift Fund

Jackie and Fred Napolitano

Lucy J. Oldfield in memory of Lee and W. Henry Jordan

Ms. Leslie A. Paul and Mr. Bill Seib, In memory of Robert D. Paul

Mr. Michael V. Scotece

Margaret M. Stephenson

Martha and John Stewart

Mrs. Martha P. Taylor

Mo Zoll

Honor Roll of Past Members

Brodie Charitable Lead Trust

Donald Henry Burlage Revocable Living Trust

Estate of Elizabeth Anderson Campbell

Estate of Martha Ann Creecy

Estate of Ann Dealy

Estate of Elaine Dixon

J. Carroll Fears, Jr. & Mary H. Fears Charitable Unitrust

L. S. Febre Irrevocable Trust

Estate of Kenneth E. Finck

Estate of Marguerite D. Flatley

Estate of Edna M. Gross

Mary Ludlow Home

Estate of E. Carlton Macon

Estate and Trust of Linford Mason

Betty M. Mayetta Revocable Trust

Estate of Katheryn Hutchison Mote

Estate Of Mary Nelson

Estate of Reed and Mary Patrick

Estate of Elizabeth Graves Plack Gresham Chilton

Estate of Benjamin Joseph Stuski

J. Hume Taylor, Jr.

Maria Grace Tyburczy Trust

Mary R. Welch Amended & Restated Revocable Living Trust

The Nell W. Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Planned Giving Advisory Committee

St. Mary’s Home is proud to work with the following professionals on our Planned Giving Advisory Committee:

Michael E. Duffy Merrill Lynch

Sharon S. Goodwyn, Counsel Hunton & Williams, LLP & St. Mary’s Board of Directors

Jessica A. Hayes, Attorney at Law Hook Law Center P.C.

Kerke Johnson, CFP® Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Edward S. Jones, CPA PFS CFP® Jones, Madden & Council, PLC

Patricia M. King U. S. Trust

Richard N. Knapp St. Mary’s Board of Directors

Earl McLain, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC ® Wells Fargo Private Bank

Stacy L. Long , AIF®, CFP® NTrust Wealth Management

Jennifer L. Moccia J.D., L.L.M. Rack & Moccia

M. Powell Peters, Esq. Wolcott Rivers Gates & St. Mary’s Foundation Board

Todd J. Preti, Esquire Midgett & Preti PC

J. Howard Rodman, Jr., CFP® Morgan Stanley

Steven Sabo, CLU®, ChFC® The Frieden Agency

Dr. Alvin J. Schexnider St. Mary’s Board of Directors & Schexnider & Associates, LLC

Lori Ann Tamayo, CRPC®

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