Nancy Mitchell, in yellow, with members of the housekeeping staff at St. Mary’s Home, during today’s party in Mitchell’s honor.
St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children opened its current building more than five years ago, but the facility still looks and feels brand new. Much of the credit for that, CEO William C. Giermak said today, goes to the hardworking housekeeping staff, supervised by Nancy Mitchell, who is retiring after working for St. Mary’s for 16 years.
“We have really enjoyed working with Nancy over the years,” Giermak said during a luncheon in Mitchell’s honor. “I always felt like Nancy had my back. She was always there to help us, to help things run smoothly.”
Mitchell thanked St. Mary’s for the party, adding, “And I want to thank my coworkers. I’m going to miss you.”
And everyone at St. Mary’s is going to miss Mitchell, one of the people who make St. Mary’s truly feel like home.
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