Maggie Seymour presents Emma with her medal.

Seymour followed Emma into the St. Mary's library to flip through several of the books.

Last month in Holland, Mass., Team Hoyt VB runner Maggie Seymour and St. Mary’s Home resident Emma crossed the finish line in a triumphant second place victory.

Recently, Seymour, a captain in the Marines, reunited with Emma at the Home to present her with the medal they had received and a photo of the two at the race.

Seymour said that during the race, Emma kept reaching up through the sun screen on her jogging stroller to wave to the cheering crowd.

Team Hoyt VB is a Virginia Beach-based organization associated with Team Hoyt, which gives people with disabilities the opportunity to play an active role in their community. Team Hoyt VB runners have participated in several races, including St. Mary’s 5K.

By Sydney Palese, Marketing Communications Intern

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