2010 Prom King and Queen: Greg and Amanda

Some, like Victoria, had attended before and couldn’t wait to go again. Others, like Colton, got to participate for the first time in a tradition of American youth — prom.

“We never thought we’d see him in a tuxedo,” said Colton’s mother, Roxane Ward, who got a little teary-eyed watching her son and 20 other formally attired young adults at St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children dancing in the Atrium on Sunday.

Cool Colton waits to make his entrance.

Students from Norfolk Academy turned the Atrium into a disco for the afternoon, using decorations from their own recent prom. They also served as dates for the young adults from the Home.

“We have so much fun at our prom, we thought they should have that fun, too,” said Carter McCabe, co-president of Norfolk Academy’s St. Mary’s Club.

Devonta gets ready for the prom, with a little encouragement from Wayne Smith, a certified nursing assistant.

This was St. Mary’s fifth annual prom, an event organized by the recreational therapy services department. Special thanks go to St. Mary’s Auxiliary Board for paying for tuxedo rentals, the DJ and flowers.

Victoria has attended all five proms at St. Mary’s Home.

Congratulations to Greg and Amanda, who were voted Prom King and Queen.

Look for a story about St. Mary’s prom on WTKR NewsChannel 3 tonight.

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