Trey White with Angela West at the 2009 Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Virginia Beach. Angela joined staff at St. Mary’s table last night in support of Trey at the Volunteer Hampton Roads dinner at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. (photo by Ginny Cohen)

Trey White – a familiar face to St. Mary’s staff and children – accepted an “Individual Adult Volunteer” award last night at the Volunteer Hampton Roads awards dinner. With nearly 500 people in attendance and 22 individuals or groups being recognized, Trey had a cheering section that even the lifetime achievement honoree, Tom Frantz, noted in his remarks.

Trey created Team Hoyt VB, a local offshoot of  a national father-and-son team that competes in athletic events. Trey has organized runners, participants, families, volunteers, transportation, registrations, consent forms, photography, pre-race parties and more for 14 events over two years, covering more than 60 miles and touching hundreds of lives. That includes taking part in St. Mary’s 5K fundraiser, which this year will be Oct. 2, once again at Fort Story. 

Team Hoyt VB runners at the awards dinner: from left, Willie Shepherd, Greg Battaglia, Chris Graves and Trey White. (photo by Soozi McClain) 

What motivates Trey? He has said, “It touches me to see the kids light up, get excited and feel the thrill of the wind through the hair. God gave me the ability to run and the compassion to give back to the community — what better pairing than this project of giving time with appreciative kids whose smiles just melt you. We are the lucky ones as we get just as much (if not more) out of it than they do.”

What does it mean to people in our community? People with disabilities feel the difference an advocate can make when you look at individuals for what they can do versus what they can’t. Here’s what just a few people have shared over the past two years:

Denise: “Ian is making strides that we never thought were possible. Ian enjoyed himself so much, and as his mom it was just another dream that my son is doing the impossible with his disabilities, leaps and bounds.”

Sonya: “We look forward to next year’s running events and all the beautiful children. What an awesome gift — to be connected in community, service and spirit.”

Tara:  “I am truly thankful for (Team Hoyt) giving my family these amazing experiences and wonderful memories. Alex found so much joy in each race. As his mother seeing him happy and excited filled my heart. I could not hold back the tears. I am so blessed that we were able to be a part of something so amazing.”

Congratulations to our friend Trey. See you at the races – go Team Hoyt!

— post by Mary Helen Hilton, St. Mary’s director of annual giving, who has been working with Trey and Team Hoyt
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