Carla Aquino, St. Mary’s chief of nursing, left, with her mother,
primary nurse Cora Culabutan, who recently retired from St. Mary’s after 18 years.
Housekeeper Lovine White, who also just retired, after 10 years of service.

They came from different departments, but each of the two employees whose retirements were recently celebrated have left lasting impacts upon the children and staff of St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children.
On Tuesday, staff gathered to say goodbye to housekeeper Lovine White. During a farewell party in the Atrium, CEO William C. Giermak thanked White for all the hard work she has done in her 10 years at St. Mary’s. He noted that St. Mary’s five-year-old building still feels new because of the efforts of White and other members of the environmental services department, and “having a new facility contributes directly to the care of the children.”

The next day, it was time for another party, this time to say goodbye to Cora Culabutan, a primary nurse in charge of one of St. Mary’s four residential neighborhoods. She worked at St. Mary’s for 18 years. “Nursing service is the backbone” of St. Mary’s, Giermak said. “We’re losing a pretty key component of that backbone.”

Carla Aquino, St. Mary’s chief nursing officer, also is Culabutan’s daughter. She said her mother inspired her to do her best and also inspired her colleagues at the Home. “She will always be a part of St. Mary’s,” Aquino said.

“I want to thank everyone for all the support, the love and the caring,” Culabutan said.

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