From left, Richard N. Knapp, president of St. Mary’s Board of Trustees; Janette Crumley of Crumley Group, Inc.;and William C. Giermak, CEO of St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children; with the model of the Charity House.

Norfolk’s East Beach along the Chesapeake Bay is a neighborhood patterned after classic southeastern seaboard coastal villages. The Charity House at the fall Homearama will fit right in among the beautiful homes in East Beach, but, with its Spanish colonial design, it also promises to stand out.

The family-owned Crumley Group, Inc., is building the Charity House, which will be on display at the showcase of homes set for Oct. 2-17. When the house is sold, proceeds will go to support the programs and services of St. Mary’s Home, which has been caring for Virginia children for 65 years.

Janette Crumley, wife of company president Scott Crumley, spoke today at the annual meeting and luncheon of St. Mary’s Auxiliary Board. She brought with her a model that her husband built of the Charity House. At her invitation, Richard N. Knapp, president of St. Mary’s Board of Trustees, and William C. Giermak, St. Mary’s CEO, unveiled the model. Here’s a closer look:

Crumley Group, Inc., of Virginia Beach, designs and builds award-winning custom homes and is participating in Homearama for the first time. Scott Crumley has said he was inspired to build the Charity House as a way to give back.

“It’s such a blessing to put our family and your Home together,” Janette Crumley said today. “We hope the sale is a big success and helps you have 65 more years of comfort and caring.”

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