Months ago, St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children began working with Norfolk author Lisa Suhay to bring out a new, special revised edition of her children’s book “There Goes a Mermaid! A NorFolktale.”

On Monday, Lisa received a shipment of the beautiful books. “My whole house smells like new book,” said Lisa, who now has boxes of newly printed books stacked up in several rooms. “It’s the best smell ever.”

Suhay will donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to SMHDC and to The Virginian-Pilot’s Joy Fund. Order your copy by June 1 and Suhay and the book’s illustrator, Sam Hundley of The Virginian-Pilot, will autograph and personalize it. Get the order form here. Learn more about the book here.

The book will be officially launched during a party at St. Mary’s Home on Sunday, July 12, from 2-5 p.m. Everyone is invited. 

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